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[Press Release_0815]Luncheon with Pope and Interview with the youth who asked to
작성자 : 방한준비위원회 작성일 : 2014-08-18 조회수 : 1731


Luncheon with Pope and Interview with the youth who asked to Pope


Q. Who is the youngest participant?

A. Bobo from Hong Kong.


Q. Why did you decide to participate in Asian Youth Day (AYD)? How do you feel?

A. I came here because I dreamed God. One day, I slept with tears. At that night, God came to my dream and said, “My daughter, don’t cry.” It felt so real that I was so inspired; I became to recognize that God loves me. And luckily, a Father recommended me to participate in AYD by giving me a registration form. Also, he said, “You will feel and get inspired by many things during AYD.” So I applied and paid entry fee. I prepared many things for this, including the gifts to the Pope for the past half a year. Moreover, I prepared to give my heart to the Pope. And I met many friends during AYD and could find my belief. All the people I met here are very precious.

I had the luncheon with the Pope today and asked two things. First, I asked if he could come to meet us in Hong Kong someday. Pope said that he was not sure about his schedule but he would meet us if the schedule allows. Second, I asked what Pope wants from the youth in Hong Kong and all over the world. He said, “Follow God’s footsteps and, like AYD theme ‘”Arise, Shine,” shine with honoring Jesus Christ” Also, I prepared an art work for the Pope. It is named, “Chinese Holy Mother.” He asked if I drew it and he said he likes it. I was so thankful and told him, “I love you.” He touched my head, saying “I love you, too.”

He is very nice and kind. He was with us not in the high place. We prepared chairs to take a picture but he wanted to take it standing together. So we all photographed standing together and he was very pleased. He is very nice.


Q. How old are you?

A. Bobo (Hong Kong): I am 22 years old and I sing hymns as a member of church choir.

A. Giovanni (a youth from Hong Kong asking Pope): First of all, I am sorry that I speak in Cantonese and my answers are translated into English.



(Translation) When I got closer to the Pope, he held my hands with all his heart. The Pope asked me something but I could not listen to him very well because it was so noisy. So I just answered, “Yes.”. Then, the Pope asked me to pray for him and pray for the Chinese Church. I kissed the Pope’s ring and I put my towel on his neck.

I could see something on the stage what you could not. I saw Pope making a note while we were asking questions. I saw him pointing out his note when he suddenly spoke in Italian after reading speech note in English. He did not want to read a prepared speech because he wanted to communicate heart to heart.

Particularly when Pope talks about North and South Korea, we all know he was answering our questions. After his speech, he said “Sorry” to us as soon as he returned to his seat because he could not remember Smai’s name and called her “Marina (Park Ji-sun)”. At last, I felt his hands are so soft and warm like my grandfather’s when I shook his hands. Thank you.


Commentator: Those three youths have to participate in other program from 8:30 p.m. so only two questions can be taken as we have only 10 minutes.


Q: What will you talk about today’s meeting with the Pope to the youth in your country? I think they will not have an opportunity to meet the Pope.

A: Willem (Indonesia): I would like to share Pope’s thought about youths with them. Pope talked to us, “Pray all the time, participate in youth activities, and do something for others.” I believe these three things are the most important message from him to us.

A. Liao Yuan Yu: I think one of the most important messages from the Pope to the youth in Asia and the world is the “joy of gospel.” For me, everything Pope Francis is doing reminds me of what Jesus Christ did.

A. Montira Yui (Thailand): I think the main message from the Pope is, “Pray all the time.” He asked us whether we did rosary every day or not. We said yes and then he asked us to pray for him. He said, “Peace is not simply the absence of war but the work of justice.” He also added that the meaning of, “Wake up” is, “Be ready to arise and be an angel to everyone who needs you.” Then he asked us, “Are you ready?” We asked for his consecration on our rosary before he left us.

I had thought the Pope would be totally different from us. However, he listened carefully to our voices, just like any other ordinary people around us, so we all felt that the Pope also needed our prayer for him.

Also, Pope Francis is very kind. When we had a meal together, we had dessert (coffee and cake). Pope asked us to wait until all youth get dessert. I felt him considerate and attentive to others. He told me he hopes that the people in Thailand would also pray for him.

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