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Rise up in splendor! (Isaiah 60,1)
Lives of the 124 Korean Martyrs
Yi Yang-deung (Peter)
Date of birth Sex man Place of birth Gyeongsang-do Position/Status Catechist Merchant
Age Date or martyrdom Sep. 14, 1868 Place of martyrdom Ulsan Gyeongsang-do Mode of martyrdom beheading
 Peter Yi Yang-deung was the catechist of the Jukryeong Christian Village in Ulsan (now, Icheon-ri, Sangbuk-myeon, Ulsan-si, Gyeongnam). He was good by nature and made his living selling honey while leading a faithful religious life.
   He met James Heo In-baek and Luke Kim Jong-ryun, when they came to the Jukryeong Christian Village to escape from the Byeongin Persecution of 1866. They devoted themselves to their religion by encouraging one another. At that time Jukryeong was a relatively safe place. In 1868, two years later, the police found out about the Jukryeong Christian Village, and arrested Peter Yi and other believers.
   They were all taken to Gyeongju. Peter Yi decided to die a martyr for God on listening to his fellow Catholics` advice. When he was interrogated and tortured at the Gyeongju military base, he professed bravely his faith in God and confessed he was a Catholic.
   Peter Yi was transferred to Ulsan with his companions, where he was sentenced to death after being interrogated and tortured again. He was taken to ‘Jangdae` (now, Byeongyeong-dong, Ulsan-si, Gyeongnam) where the Military Command Headquarters was located. He was beheaded and died a martyr with James Heo and Luke Kim on September 14, 1868 (July 28, by the Lunar calendar).
   It is said that Peter Yi, piously made the sign of the cross on the execution ground and called on Jesus and Mary with a loud voice.
   Pak Jo-i, wife of James Heo, who followed her husband to the execution ground, took his body and buried it secretly.