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Rise up in splendor! (Isaiah 60,1)
Lives of the 124 Korean Martyrs
Kim Yeon-i (Juliana)
Date of birth Sex woman Place of birth Position/Status Liaison C.C.F.
Age Date or martyrdom Jul. 2, 1801 Place of martyrdom Small West Gate Seoul Mode of martyrdom beheading
 Juliana Kim Yeon-i was from a common class family. While she lived in Seoul, she learned about the Catholic doctrine from Agatha Han Sin-ae and became a Catholic. she was baptized by Father James Zhou Wen-mo in 1795 at Columba Kang Wan-suk‘s house.
   After that Juliana Kim attended catechism classes and Mass, which nurtured her faith even more. She was so earnest in preaching the Gospel that she was even called a `matchmaker of Catholicism`. Soon her name came to be known among the faithful. While she endeavored to preach the Gospel, she frequented Yangjegung, also called `Pyegung`, meaning a place where dismissed royal families dwelt, at that time. Mary Song, a relative of a royal family, her daughter-in-law Mary Sin and a court lady Susan Kang Gyeong-bok lived there. She made friends with them, and often invited them to Mass celebrated by Father James Zhou. Thanks to her relationship with these royal ladies, her daughter became a court lady in Yangjegung.
   As a persecution broke out in December 1800, Juliana Kim Yeon-i hid Simon Kim Gye-wan at her house, upon the request of Columba Kang. The following year the official persecution order was issued by the royal court, and Alexius Hwang Sa-yeong escaped to her house. That meant she was in danger also.
   Juliana Kim was arrested without delay by the police and taken to the Police Headquarters. There and at the justice Ministry she was tortured many times. But she would not report on any of her fellow Catholics. She remained unshakable in her faith though her body grew weaker.
   Even while undergoing terrible torture, she professed her faith in God, saying, "I do not regret having believed in Catholicism even though I have to die ten thousand times."
   she was sentenced to death with eight other companions including Columba Kang, Susan Kang and Agatha Han. She was taken outside the Small West Gate in Seoul. There she was beheaded and died a martyr with her companions on July 2, 1801 (May 22, by the Lunar calendar). The following is an excerpt from the written death sentence on her:
   "Kim Yeon-i is an old matchmaker of Catholicism. She tempted good people here and there and led them into the wrong way. Their number is unknown. With the help of Kang Wan-suk, she was baptized by Zhou Wen-mo. She preached the Catholic doctrine while coming and going to Yangjegung. By hiding the refugees in her house, she helped Hwang Sa-yeong, the leader of the Catholic religion, to escape. Her crime deserves death ten thousand times."