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Rise up in splendor! (Isaiah 60,1)
Lives of the 124 Korean Martyrs
Kim Cheon-ae (Andrew)
Date of birth 1760 Sex man Place of birth Position/Status Servant L.C.F.
Age 41 Date or martyrdom Aug. 27 (or Aug. 28), 1801 Place of martyrdom Jeonju Jeolla-do Mode of martyrdom beheading
 Andrew Kim Cheon-ae, whose hometown is not known, worked as a servant for the family of Augustine Yu Hang-geom, a devoted Catholic, who was known as the ‘apostle of Jeolla-do`, Andrew Kim learned the catechism from Augustine Yu, his master. At that time, Augustine Yu lived in Chonam, Jeonju (now, Namgye-ri, Yiseo-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk).
   After embracing the Catholic faith, Andrew Kim observed his Christian duties faithfully. He overcame his social status with a noble heart. His faith in the truth was solid and sincere, so he observed Church teaching faithfully.
   Augustine Yu was the first to be arrested in Jeolla-do when the Shinyu Persecution broke out in 1801. Then, his eldest son John Yu Jung-cheol and Andrew Kim were arrested and taken to the Jeonju governor`s office.
   Andrew Kim was interrogated and harshly tortured to force him to betray Jesus and reveal the names of Catholics. Andrew was unyielding. He professed his faith in God and was not afraid to die for Him. In July of the same year he was transferred to Seoul along with other Catholics.
   At the Justice Ministry, Andrew Kim`s faith remained firm. Despite severe punishments, he never yielded, but stated, "I cannot abandon the Ten Commandments. I will accept dying for God, willingly, for I die only one time." Upon this statement, Andrew Kim was carried back to Jeonju, and there he was beheaded and died a martyr. It was on August 27 or 28, 1801 (July 19 or 20, by the Lunar calendar). Andrew Kim was 41 years old. The following is an excerpt from his last statement:
   "Catholic religion is the great truth, and believing in it is a most grand act. I have believed in God for many years and my faith in Him has sunk deep into my soul. Punishment and death are honor to me. So how can I change my mind? When I reflect on myself and the many faults I have committed, I only wish to die quickly."