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[Press Release_0818]The Pope Sent Condolence Letter to Family Members of Sewol Victims
작성자 : 방한준비위원회 작성일 : 2014-08-18 조회수 : 1907


The Pope Sent Condolence Letter to Family Members of Sewol Victims
- Apologizing For Not Visiting in Person
- Mentioned Every 10 Victims
- Delivered at Paengmok Harbor in Aug. 19th


The Pope delivered a comfort letter and a rosary to family members of the Sewol victims, who cannot leave the Paengmok harbor in Jindo in search for the missing loved ones.


After baptizing Lee Ho-jin (father of the victim) in the morning of Aug. 17th, the Pope delivered his autographed letter written in Korean to Kim Gun-tae, Ansan deputy sector of Suwon diocese who attended the Sacrament of Baptism.

The Pope said, “I’m deeply sorry that I couldn’t visit the troubled family members and offer my condolences to them directly. During the whole period of my visit to Korea, I haven’t forgotten about all the victims and their families of Sewol accident and kept praying for them.”


“I have no idea how to console the hearts of the families who are still mourning the missing of loved ones. Those tormented families, please stand strong! I love you.”


The Pope especially mentioned about the names of 10 missing persons one by one in the letter. His Holiness solicited Lord that the missing persons could come to their parents and families.


Father Kim Gun-tae conveyed that the Pope signed in and held his hand tight and entreated to deliver his comforting heart earnestly.


Father Kim is scheduled to visit Pangmok harbor with general agency of Suwon diocese Lee Sung-hyo and hand over this letter and the Pope’s rosary to the families of missing persons in the afternoon of Aug 19th.


Full text of the letter is as below.


† Peace of the Christ

17 August 2014


Dear family members of Sewol ferry accident victims,


First of all, I am sorry that I send my letter of condolence instead of visiting you in person. But, I did not forget to pray for the victims and the people missing in the accident, throughout the whole period of my visit to Korea. I am not able to find the right words to express my deepest consolation for family members of the missing people, who are living every day in pain, waiting for your loved ones.




Please help the missing people to come back home for their family as soon as possible,


Danwon high school students, Nam Hyun-chul, Park Young-in, Jo Eun-hwa, Hwang Ji-hyun, Heo Da-yoon,


Danwon high school teachers, Go Chang-seok, Yang Seung-jin, and passengers, Kwon Jae-keun, Lee Young-sook, and 7-year-old child Kwon Hyuck-kyu.


Dear family members of the missing people! Never give up the hope.


Dear family members! God will be with you.


I love you.


Servus Servorum (A servant of servants) Francis

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